Engineering plastic

The plastic which can be used in machines replacing metal material.

It is light, not rusting and has mechanical property alike metal material so that its usage has been expanded into Sports equipment, car, plane, ship and space development.

It is a high molecule high function resin which is stronger than steel, more malleable than aluminum and more chemical resistant.

 Its characteristic and performance is differentdepending on its chemical structure. 

Usually it is divided into 5 kinds; polyamide, polyacetylene, polycarbonate, PBT and PPO.

 Those are high molecule which have molecular weight of millions not like normal plastic with low molecule which have molecular weight of hundreds.

Therefore, this plastic has not only strength and elasticity but impact resistance, wear resistance, thermal resistance, cold tolerance, chemical resistance 

and electric insulation so that it can be used for camera, clock parts, material for plane and electronics as well as house wares and general merchandise.

 Moreover, it can be blended with glass fiber or carbon fiber to add stronger characteristics and called FRP; fiber reinforced plastics.

Classification by Long-term thermal resistance


Reinforcing material for engineering plastic


Continuous use temperature of the plastic


Engineering Plastic Shrinkage

Engineering plastic shrinkage.jpg



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