Injection Molding Machine Business

Prepared things for you, Customers


  Domination of

 Korean used

 injection molding


  This is one of the biggest

  factories in Korea.

  We have large quantity of

  machines and can provide

  customer’s request with

  wide distribution line.

Perfect repair

Our well experienced

injection molding machine

engineers can perfectly

repair the machines

customer wants to use

with any problems.

Consulting for

the product what 

customer want 

to make

We can provide

the professional information about 

plastic with final products.

We are running

recycle plastic factory 

so that able to supply recycled

plastic chips for injection.

We can assure customer’s

cost reduction with above.

Reasonable Price

Besides large quantity,

wide distribution line, 

professional engineers and

consulting service

we can give you 

reasonable price as well.


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