Ellamid 6



Characteristic of PLUX Ellamid 6

PLUX Ellamid 6 plastic represent the best value in all-purpose engineering materials.

And based on polyamide-6 that is a thermoplastic resin with excellent mechanical, thermal and electrical properties.

PA 6 is widely used in the manufacture of automobile and industrial parts.

For molded parts, they offer an excellent balance of easy design 

and processing with outstanding mechanical properties over a wide temperature range and in diverse operating environments. 

Wide temperature range

Excellent chemical resistance

Light weight

Outstanding self-lubrication and

Abrasion resistance

Good impact-absorbing characteristics

Good mechanical properties and

Extreme toughness

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PLUX Ellamid 6 Grade


PLUX Ellamid 6 - Property

Physical property


Mechanical property


Thermal property


Electrical property


Ellamid 6 Injection molding guide



Polyamide 6 (PA6) is widely used in many different markets and applications due to their very good performance / cost ratios.

Many parts are made with these polyamides in the Transportation, Electronics & Electrical, 

Consumer goods, Building & Construction and Packaging industries.

They are by far the most used Polyamide globally.

The molding cycles are quick, providing an economical interest. 

Polyamide 6 answer the requirements of numerous applications in the following markets :


Thanks to their good processability,

 PA 6 is often used as an alternative to metal in automotive under the hood parts

where design flexibility as well as temperature and chemical resistance are critical.

They ultimately contribute to weight savings, which offers CO2 emissions reduction opportunities.

Electrical & Electronics 

 PA 6 can easily be flame retarded, are good candidates. Halogenated and non Halogenated FR solutions are commercially available. 

 Moreover, they also bring solutions in this industry where miniaturization reinforces the needs for high temperature resistance and thin designs

(possible due to good processability)

Consumer and Industrial Goods

Thanks to its easy molding, good colorability, nice surface aspect, and excellent mechanical resistance.

And excellent material when complex designs are needed, it is also a cost efficient solution.


automobile engine cover.gif

automobile engine cover

explosion proof junction box.jpg

explosion proof junction box

wall bracket.jpg

wall bracket


roof bars



safety belt.gif  

safety belt

     cable connector.jpg   

cable connector


plastic gears.jpg 

plastic gears

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