Polycarbonate (polycarbonate) is a particular group of thermoplastics polymer.

Them easily machined, and injection molding, and thermoforming. As such, this plastic is widely used in the modern chemical industry.

Their interesting characteristics (heat resistance, impact resistance and optical properties) to be widely used between commodity plastics and

engineering plastics polycarbonate. Exterior materials of IT products, such as mobile phones and laptops, monitors, though widely

used in the raw material of plastic material to CD, DVD media, optical storage media in high-functional engineering plastics.



Excellent Mechanical Strength

Superior Impact Strength

High Heat Resistance

Transparency and Clear

Good Dimensional Stability



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Physical propertypc-물리적특성.gif

Mechanical propertypc-기계적특성.gif

Thermal propertypc-열적특성.gif 

Electrical propertypc-전기적특성.gif

 PLUX PC Applications




In the automotive industry, injection-molded polycarbonate can produce very smooth surfaces that make it well-suited for direct

metalised parts such as decorative bezels and optical reflectors. Its uniform mold shrinkage results in parts with greater accuracy than those 

made of polypropylene. However, due to its susceptibility to environmental stress cracking, its use is limited to low-stress applications.

It can be laminated to make bullet-proof "glass", although "bullet-resistant" is more accurate for the thinner windows,

such as are used in bullet-resistant windows in automobiles.

The thicker barriers of transparent plastic used in teller's windows and barriers in banks are also polycarbonate. 
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Medical applications

Many polycarbonate grades are used in medical applications and comply with both ISO 10993-1 and USP Class VI standards . 
Class VI is the most stringent of the six USP ratings. These grades can be sterilized using steam at 120 °C, gamma radiation, 
or by the ethylene oxide (EtO) method. However, scientific research indicates possible problems with biocompatibility. 
Dow Chemical strictly limits all its plastics with regard to medical applications
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Data storage

A major application of polycarbonate is the production of Compact Discs, DVDs, and Blue-ray Discs. These discs are produced by injection molding polycarbonate into a mold cavity that has on one side a metal stamper containing a negative image of the disc data, while the other mold side is a mirrored surface. Typical products of sheet/film production include applications in advertisement 

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