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Core Competencies

Korean plastic-technology leading the world

It’s obvious that rapid development of Electronics, automobile and textile industry of Korea lies in technical development of plastic in many ways.
Beginning stage of industrial development of Korea in 1970’s till the high-tech industry 2010’s today,
we came through the historic experience of wide-use plastics and development of super-engineering plastic as well so far.
Technicians of PLUX are living proof of all this know-how.As of today, developing countries speeding their economic growth world-widely join PLUX.PLUX will be your trust-worthy partner, making your plastic business one step forward.

1. Help customer's achieve goals to cut down the material cost
   - Analyze and find unnecessary cost
   - Exactly design to meet customer's need and usage reducing unnecessary material cost

2. Distribution and production
    In territory of Korea, We have outstanding plastic distribution channels
    thanks to long history and networks.
   - Able to produce and source diversified range of plastic from wide-used ones to
     super engineering plastics
   - Able to collect plastic scrap at a very competitive price

3. Group of plastic experts,
   experienced the development of Korean plastic history
   Experts with over 20 years of experience in designing plastic compound ;
   - Headlight for Korean automobile company
   - Developed PET thread 3rd in the world
   - Compound designing of plastic for Korean mobile phone
   - Work as Technical Adviser to Korean major chemical companies in regard to plastic
   - Work as consultant and give lectures to Korean plastic development institute of Daegu

4. Experts over 20 years of experience in
   designing plastic processing machinery
   Design optimized machinery in accord with customer's needs.
   and Design machinery reflect the characteristics of plastic material

Own Global Network

                     Global integration of separately-operated system in headquarters

                      and overseas enable business connectivity and regular monitoring 

                     of key business metrics

Link order placement/receipt
between headquarters and
overseas bases

Enhance transparency of work
progress and eliminate
Monitoring of global business
performance and RM data sharing

3. Creating New value & Biz

                            creating new value and business.jpg