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1990      Dongwoo Co., Ltd. Founded the company in Deagu.

                   and first construction equipment management services began in Gyeongsangbukdo region

1991      Established branch office on Indonesia. Begin Furniture / Wood Business(Knight Furniture)  /

                      Mineral Business and Trading Business between South Korea and Indonesia

1995      Established Company branch in Gumi

2001     Established Indonesian Company “Astria Jaya Madri

                     begin Trading Business about Plastic Molding machine and minerals area

2003     Remove to Daegu Seong-Seo 2nd Industrial complex. 


2006     - Established trade company “ruso

               - Injection molding machine corporate was established in

                        Waegwan-eup, Chilgok-gun, Gyengsangbuk-do

2009    Start of production – plastic raw materials(PBT, PA6, PA66, PP, PE)

2011     ruso was incorporated and Launched PLUX brand in sector of plastic material

2012    Produce Our own plastic  PBT, PP, PE, PA6, PA66

ruso factory compounding.jpg

                                                                   ruso, Dongwoo factory, Plastic compounding, Injection molding machine

        affiliates subsidiaries of ruso.jpg

                                                                                   Affiliates and Subsidiaries of ruso