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A company that creates the Extraordinary value for customers,
employees and society through endless creativity and challenging spirit in diverse fields and regions

Customer Value
New Business Development
Provide optimal business solution and achieve mutual success with customers

Employee Value
Training for talented human resources
Become a valuable and ambitious “Global Business partner”

Social  Value
Reliable and respected company
Engage in fair competition, respect rules & regulations, contribute to public.


Plastic Technology  for  human and nature
We protect the nature by recycling & reusing plastic material.
Being trust worthy supplier by providing believable & stable quality recycled plastic material,,
Helping beautiful nature, the shelter of human being by developing eco-friendly recycled material.
Forest of Rousseau represents our ideology for the nature & human being.
By means of educational program,
we pursue harmony between nature & human,
through which we look for a guide line of plastic technology that we have to follow.

                                           By 2015
                                                                             Over 20% annual growth 

vision 2015.jpg